The kids aren't all right. The world they've known has inherited systemic issues that threaten their future and the environment.

Fighters, future leaders, radicals and revolutionaries are children and young adults now. They have been catalyzed to front lines.

They live in Detroit. They live in the disappearing Pacific Islands. They're from the indigenous Americas, motivating all of us to change our planet.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez vocalizes how crucial these times really are.

Emma Rodriguez spoke out painfully, and passionately against America's violence epidemic. It took the lives of 17 fellow students at Parkland High School, Florida.

We should never lose a youth in any attack, anywhere. Schools are a place to grow, not to die.

We all face a growing global storm.

Bravery and inaction propelled the civil rights movement in Malcolm and Martin's time.

Their contributions spawned a new political era, a new America with the potential for a better society.

Today, what happens? Politicians accept donations from pro-gun organizations while ignoring mass assaults.

This can be changed if justice is the weapon we use.

So leaders across the world take fierce, uncomprosing stances against harm and cyclical violence. They won't let corruption win.

It doesn't stop them from boldly reminding us about the war on freedom, gender and sex.

BAF protesters in Spain

We have had leaders and lost them.

Martin's dream cost him his life. Lumumba died by U.S. command.

Child and younger political prisoners grow in number. The #J20, Ferguson protesters, Ahed Tamimi is imprisoned in Palestinian jail at 16.

Around 16 Black Panther prisoners still sit behind bars for resisting white supremacy.

Listen to this revolutionary reassurance, Malcolm X's message to youth. Feel the freedom around the corner.

It IS time to challenge the paradigm holding global citizens hostage. Time to join forces with youth in revolt. They will lead the way.


Revolution's Drums