Freedom is not free. American imperialism and business interests have horrific costs that reflect across the globe. When the chickens come home to roost, we see who the real gangsters are.

They are a malevolent manifestation: the true face behind false smiles and "respectable" organizations.

War and regime change are harsh words, so fascist leadership create these via NGO's, "reform" initiatives, the good guy's fight and propaganda.

The public hears continual excuses for intervention and coups on their tax dollar.

Nowhere is the dichotomy of fake vs. reality more apparent than President Obama. Though he bills himself as a progressive leader, he uses the revolving door to corporate militarism at whim.


"This (Yemen) is a just war — a war waged proportionally, in last resort, and in self-defense." (The New York Times). Yemen's "proven success" is a nationwide war zone, approved by Obama.

Iraq, Syria and Yemen have been open alleyways for the U.S. in the Middle East. Afghanistan and Pakistan are littered by bombs.

Drone campaigns and blanket strategies are the norm since 2002, but imperial war always dominated American politics.

Common attacks include "communism", "fascism", "terrorist", "RADICAL", "undesirable", and "a threat to freedom". That very attack-dog terminology applies to the ones who have killed.


The National Endowment For Democracy has a heavy hand in perpetuating global imperialism. A bipartisan Congress and Reagan administration brainchild, it links to American government's most egregious crimes.

The non-profit organization functions much like an apparatus for CIA operations, but non-profit is oxymoronic.

Plutocratic politicians (i.e. Reagan and his cabinet) gained enormous revenue from NED's actions in other nations, and still do today. Their primary aim has been regime change by any means necessary.

Stokely Carmichael, Pan-African Trinidadian leader of the SNCC

Indiscriminate violence, targeted murder and suppressed national movements have followed the National Endowment for Democracy since their foundation.

This "non-profit" receives an annual $80 million check from the State Department and Congress (Democracy Now). And NED allies with key government bodies to divide and conquer (Voltaire Web).

CIA missions and operatives use every tactic from 'secret sources' and assassinations to influence international politics.

In 1961, Patrice Lumumba was elected independent, DEMOCRATIC leader of the Congo (The Dawn News).

The revolutionary fought tooth and nail against Western infiltration as many African leaders have throughout time, for the people and Congolese freedom from imperial control.

But soon he fell, a fallen soldier to Belgian mercenaries and the CIA. Malcolm X had these scathing words to say.

"I can only view the role of the United States in the Congo as a criminal role.

And I think the seeds she is sowing in the Congo she will have to harvest. The chickens that she has turned loose over there have got to come home to roost." (x)

Under freedom's guise, the U.S government and NGO complex commit terrorist acts. It's gone on for long enough. Even the 70's revolutionaries were fed-up with American plutocracy.

They have devastated elections, resistance, foreign governments and entire ecosystems with brutal indifference. Syria is the latest example (LA Times).

Honduras, Haiti and El Salvador are chilling reminders that imperialism lives in our own backyard. It's knocking on our doors in waves of migrants and financial crises—no homes, futures taken by American greed.


Capitalist U.S. imperialism houses 25% of the world's prisoners, and exports the remainder back home.

Salvadorian prison used for a range of unprovable crimes. Photography by Giles Clarke.

 "The lack of new prisons along with the huge rise in US deportation rates — the justice system can’t handle it so these cages are springing up everywhere. 35 men in each one." (Prison Photography)

It creates death squads, drug trafficking rings, political instability. For 55 years, the U.S. has instigated three Haitian coups. See A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

"If the United States government declares a coup, you immediately have to shut off all aid, including humanitarian aid, the Agency for International Development aid, the support that we were providing at that time for a lot of very poor people." (Democracy Now!)

Dana Frank's a human rights and foreign policy expert who's well-versed on the Case of the Honduran Coup. They tear apart Clinton's pretense. "She’s baldly lying when she says we never called it a coup.

Clinton and post-coup President Porfirio Lobo, 2010

I think it’s really about the U.S. pushback against the democratically elected governments of the left and the center-left that came to power in Latin America in the '90s and in the 2000's.

Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, all these countries. [Honduras] was the first domino pushing back against democracy in Latin America and reasserting U.S. power." (Democracy Now!)

Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Palmerola Air Base, Honduras

"The first stop the plane made was at Palmerola. When they seized me in my house and took me to the plane, they threatened me both verbally and with their guns.

As I arrived in Palmerola, I looked out the window and saw troops moving, people running. I couldn’t tell if they were Honduran or foreign troops."


Implementation of U.S.-supported dictators has enabled mass genocide and civil warfare in more than a few countries. Latin America is a long-term sufferer from failed Washington attempts to control their politics.

Lately, the interference has gone beyond the ability to paint nicely. The overthrow of Zelaya was suspect even to Obama.

Honduran protests in Tegucigalpa, 2015, against U.S. corruption.

"We believe the coup was not legal." (Reuters)

Plutocratic elites meet resistance with fiercer waves, each generation further willing to sow seeds of revolution.

"U.S. "democracy" is not the answer," they scream as Chavez, Malcolm X, Lumumba and Nkrumah.

March Against Monsanto in San Salvador

"We know the way! We will show you what the world should be. We shall fight fire with fire."

Nkrumah delivered a powerful, prophetic speech at 1963's Organization of African Unity ceremony (Ghana Web). His message centered continental unity as a crucial element in the world's future. But there is a global truth.

"The hour of history which has brought a revolutionary hour. It is the hour of decision.

For the first time, the [economic] imperialism which menaces us is itself challenged by the irresistible will of our people."

The corrupt, unnatural power structure can no longer hold itself up, and as each oppressed nation rises to change...

Our free natural world is coming.

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