If you haven't heard anything by this death and thrash Brazilian metal band, get ready!

May Puertas brings ferocity on a high-octane level, and Torture Squad delivers quality metal every time.

"Blood Sacrifice"  VIDEO

Torture Squad formed in 1993, and May provides a short, precise band history (XS Rock).

“The history of Torture Squad starts in the early 80′s years and the first release was in 1993, a demo

tape called “A Soul in Hell” and the drummer Amilcar and our

bassist Castor still in the band since the beginning.

I was born the same year that Torture Squad released its first demo...”

Torture Squad have collaborated with Kreator, Anthrax, Angra and more since their inception.

Vitor Rodrigues was originally vocalist then the mantle passed to Andre Evaristo,

until the band regrouped in 2016 with Return of Evil and May Puertas.

Her metal muses?

Fellow Brazilians Nervosa earned a mention.

She, Venomous and Fernanda Lira (Nervosa vocalist)

collaborated to cover Angra's 'Nothing to SayVIDEO

It blew listeners away, many metal musicians spoke in praise of their project.

“I was inspired by great bands leaders like David Vincent

of Morbid Angel, George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse and Alex Camargo of Krisiun.”

"Twilight For All Mankind", Live 2019  VIDEO

 How does their music convey reality? Bolsonaro’s brutal mindlessness against Amazon forests

and Indigenous Brazilians rages on like recent wildfires.

Protests are blacked out from view as much as the sky.

Torture Squad is the musical backdrop.

Day by day we deal with death, torture and manipulation by the governments

and music is a instrument to talk about this too.

Recreating our vision of the world using our heroes, we can talk about

Bruce Lee and the mighty Kali entity in the same album.”

Torture Squad also plans for worldwide digital distribution with Sony, Brutal Records and more.

“Our highlight for 2019 are our appearance in Rock in Rio,

the biggest music and entertainment event in the world.

They shared the Sunset Stage with Chuck Billy (Testament) and Claustrofobia.

Chuck Billy, Testament vocalist, will be our special guest

in a jam with us and Claustrofobia, on the same date,

the World Stage will have Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Megadeth and Sepultura.

We also invite all headbangers to come with us to this important Latin American music festival.

Torture Squad, Chuck Billy and Claustrophobia, Rock In Rio 2019  VIDEO

November 30, we return to Central America for MEXICO METAL FEST, for this edition

the festival has a extreme and exclusive line-up.

We will share the stage with bands like

Emperor, Six Feet Under, Unleashed, Deicide and more.

Catch them at Impacta Metal FestivalVIDEO

Their latest video "Generation Dead" is a masterpiece!

Support metal artists during the pandemic.