The Hu is Gala, Enkush, Jaya and Temka (official website)!

Their music reflects Mongolia’s connection to a legendary past and the Golden Horde’s cultural influence.

 You'll hear re-enacted warrior chants

tribal drums in one song!

'Wolf Totem'  VIDEO

Enkush and Gala play the morin khuur, horsehead

fiddles from the Mongolian Steppe.

Jaya is a tsuur (flute) and tumur khuur (jaw harp) master.

Temka rocks the tovshuur or Mongolian guitar. 

Their throat-singing is distinct and shamanic.

The HU join other influential bands from Inner Mongolia: Nine Treasures, Suld and Tengger Cavalry.

Their folk metal style has gained incredible support worldwide, a sign that ancient voices must be heard.

Few other bands bring the musical

community together like this!

Rock im Park, 2019  VIDEO

 Hu is an old Mongolian root word: a sentient being.

This ancient syllable gave them the eternal name: Huns.

Their symbology uplifts Mongol heritage and history.

The Hu's songs remember historic figures like the military leader Chinggis Khan.

His empire reached Eastern Europe and West Asia.

'The Great Chinggis Khan'  VIDEO

'Shoog Shoog'  VIDEO


“The lords of the old world
The exalters of the Burkhan Khaldun
The devotees of the most high!
The dwellers of the Deluun Boldog!
Revere the Yehe Zasag
Preach the wisdom. Defend the black banner!
Unify the Mongols
Shoog Shoog!” ('Shoog Shoog')

Other HU tracks dedicate lyrics to women's strength throughout time

('Song of Women') VIDEO and children too ('Shireg').

 The national fanbase even educates all of us about deeper meanings.

Shireg describes a lifelong ritual for protecting Mongolian youth.

Here are the translated lyrics!

From The HU's International Fan Base Facebook

The Gereg (Chinggis’ passport long ago) debuted in September 2019 on available platforms.

It's a cultural, metal epic from Mongolia:

a land where horses ride freely under the sky and sun, and warriors are made.

Respect Asian cultures. Respect Asian metal and rock!

The HU, Fonda Theatre, 2019