My spirit is ancient, harmonious and one with the planet.

I am Nicole Kali, a sexual divinity who controls earthly powers that are billions of years old.

My sexuality ties to a primeval power of past goddesses. It allows me to change form.

In the beginning, women wielded their unlimited carnal magic to change history.

Gay deities ruled over all.

I see how sexuality has been stolen. I see gay sisters and brothers face discrimination or death.

The 500-Year-War hasn't disappeared. I see laws against anal sex in the Bible Belt while Anti-LGBT advocates watch gay porn and hire male prostitutes.

BREAKING NEWS: white men go get off to Black women dominatrixes and leather badass babes.


Republicans go to national conventions for butt-fucks to become 'hole-y' converted!

Seems like my primordial sex spells are working too well! Women are taking back the reins. They embrace the instinctual pleasure that makes weak men very afraid.


This is what Christianity's good old boys DIDN'T want.

I AM the traditional values we ought to return. What's coming for these sick freaks?

This world.

My dildo of truth, ready lubed up and throbbing for the hypocrites giving lip service on "truth" and "morality".

I'll prove you prudes in charge love the shit you ban.

The weak-ass chains of unfounded faith can't hold me or any one of us down.

We're leather ladies with sexual power, we don't give a fuck what you have to say.

Nicole Kali has a final reminder.

"Sexuality affects all aspects of the human person", but not the way Catholicism tells you. Sex is the foundation of life and love, not death and hatred.

Oshun, West African orisha of love, sex and fertility.

If my sex magic hasn't reached you yet? It will.

Gay Deities

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True Africa