"The United States has participated in Saudi-led airstrikes that have been blamed for most of Yemen’s 10,000 civilian deaths." (x)

Yemen's civil war results from Saudi-Arabian led coup moves in 2015, with intent to put President Mansur Hadi in power.

Houthi rebels challenged Saudi Arabia's influence over their political structure in a deadly disaster scenario.

Houthi soldiers in Yemen's capital Sana'a this past April. Armed battles are a common sight here.

Was Saudi Arabia alone? Nine African nations joined in this decision for regime change. The United States did too.

America has a nasty history of being linked with war crimes and totalitarian government switch-overs, especially when it comes to backing certain people.

Theocratic conflict combine money, political corruption + religious sectarianism for figurative and literal cluster-bombs.

Source: Critical Threats

Several groups are situated throughout Yemen, Shia militias and Sunni armed forces from elsewhere.

Assassination plots are carried out on public officials by terrorist organizations, some succeed.

This is clear in Senate's latest agreement for arming Saudi armies. Where will they go?

A U.S. bomb from Yemen's deadliest market strike in Mastaba last year (HRW)

Yemen, Obama's "proven success" with outside help. Let's see how much of that holds up, since his administration sold weapons to and refueled Saudi troops.

One glaring problem: "Yemen has far more firearms than people. On average, there are three rifles to each Yemeni." (x)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Airstrikes in Sana'a, 2016


U.S. congressional and military approval for Saudi Arabian arms creates further disenfranchisement, death and radicalization!

Aden, a globally significant port is under UAE lock-and-key, immediately after Houthi-Saleh rebels retreated.

The city on a good day.

122 died en route to escaping the siege. Ports have increased casualties since they are a major vantage point (x).

Mark Pocan is one representative who openly opposes the ill-advised support for Yemen's biggest factors in civil war.

“Administration officials have proposed the U.S. participate directly in an attack on Yemen's major port.

Such an attack could push the country into full-blown famine, where nearly half a million children in Yemen are facing starvation." (x)

This is the work of the Rainbow Fascist Coalition.

Saudi Arabia doesn't seem fazed by the rising disease outbreaks in Yemen, such as cholera.

The epidemic is causing a death an hour, and infection every 35 seconds for children (x).

They don't care about Yemeni children who walk through war zones to school.

Yemen's food supply is 90% imported. Seven million citizens require humanitarian aid to exist, and its main port of entry constantly suffers crossfire.

So now 7% of UN aid arrives-out of $2 billion.

19 million need emergency support, because this isn't living (x).

Yemen's in a human rights crisis years long. Can any army fight that?

I don't think so. Not with bombs and destructive force. These are not the tools of change.

One coalition rises up to fight for justice in response. The Yemeni people are on top of it.

Taiz, anti-government non-violent protesters in Yemen.

Taiz in March, 2015.

Anti-imperialists in the First, Second and Third World have feet on the front lines.

Yemeni rally in New York, 2017

Saudi Arabia committed atrocious war crimes and assaults on the human race in Yemen.

It's past time the problem is addressed, and the culprits exposed.

A bipartisan letter has been drafted in April 2017 by Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) to do just that.

 "Congress is a direct line to the people and this letter is a first step in reasserting our Constitutional check on presidential powers."

They want any straight U.S. support for any armed group in Yemen to be authorized by Congress.

"What legal justification is the White House claiming for escalating U.S. involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen— a war that’s never been authorized by Congress?" (x)

Politicans want to know themselves.