(Polina Psycheya)

This is a list of various metal bands from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Though they are different nationalities, music is performed in Russian.


They are a fierce quintet of young metalhead women, here to play hard rock and power metal, and remind us how it's done. Aella have become Russia's sweethearts.

Anna Sreda - vocals, Olga Andreeva - lead guitarist, Natalya Pereverzeva - bass, Ekaterina Sorokina - drums, Alex Martin - team leader

This gives a great sense of their high-octane concerts if you aren't convinced. 'Aella Live in 01-7-18'   VIDEO

'Aella Presents'   VIDEO


Alkonost (1996-present)

Hailing from Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Alkonost performs folk/black metal.


Their main ideology is inclusiveness to which they display with English and Russian versions of their music.

The album, "Tales of Wandering" is the English remake of their previous album, "Сказки странствий".

Alkonost stands up to unite people against oppressive political structures.

'Waiting'   VIDEO

Alkonost is the Goddess of The Land of the Dead in Slavic mythology: depicted as a half-bird, half-woman harpy.

She mentally immobilizes her listeners with her beautiful voice until they want nothing more.

"It’s all very simple. We create our fantasies for everybody, not against someone. There’s no hate in our music or lyrics.

I still have in my mind this, probably utopian, idea about the brotherhood of nations." (Metal Mania)


 All I Could Bleed (2009-present)

They are a band from the same town of the Arkhaim Ruins: Chelyabinsk.

Polina Psycheya is their former growling, no-nonsense vocalist and Renaissance frontwoman.

 She creates great visual art when not blowing minds on stage. Now she performs with The Autist.

'Debris of the Earth VIDEO


Anadora (2008-present)

They are an eight-piece symphonic/folk metal band from Moscow, Russia.

"My friend’s grandma always says: “You will never have a second chance to make a first impression”. Here in Russia we haven’t a lot of bands with very high recording quality level.

That’s why we especially want to be the one." (Arsenal Del Metalero)

Their lyrics revove around courage, glory, warriors and battle, which add punch to an already intense soundscape.

"Взгляд в небеса" references Christ's non-return, and the awakening of the subconcious dreamstate.

'Воин'   VIDEO

"Твой выбор" questions our main three choices in life: pursuit of power, self-development or inaction.



Arda are a Moscow heavy metal collective who bring the energy as soon as you press 'play'.

Their repertoire is old folk songs, original thrashers and tunes of unbelievable velocity. Arda are much a band that took their influences to heart.

Listeners will hear Russian metal greats Aria and the UK's Judas Priest in Arda's epic songwriting, Iron Maiden in the drums and blasting guitar riffs, Slayer and so on.

They'll also note this band as a masterpiece all their own.

'Северный крест'   VIDEO



Aria are Russian metal masters. They hail from Moscow like Arda, and formed in 1985 after the British Heavy Wave.

Their debut broke barriers for bands like Alkonost, Azathoth Circle, POKERFACE and more.

Permanent member Vladimir Holstinin was interviewed about their symphonic experience in 2014 plus metal's tie to classical music.

It certainly makes sense that a Russian band would collaborate with Russia's most famous genre. (Interview (Russian))

Their newest album 'Curse of the Seas' will be here in November 2018. The art gives a glimpse into its dark adventure...



The pagan metal band has a ominous spiritual philosophy to their recordings.

Masha Scream is Arkona's frontwoman, a Russian warrior vocalist with a worldly mind.

 She praises the past while darkly contemplating our future.

"Yav is “Reality”. The world we live in. In Slavic mythology, there are three worlds: Yav’ (our world),

Nav’ (the other world, "dark one") and Prav’ (the world of gods and spirits).

'Zov pustyh dereven'   VIDEO

If we look around everything is the same in the modern world.

 Humanity wants to make the world better for itself, but ruins it.

The concept of the album is my philosophy of nowadays."

'Yav'    VIDEO

"The real essence of the modern world is hidden under the artificially made beautiful form.

 Truth is not what we want to see, but what is in reality." (Planet Mosh)


Azathoth Circle

The black-alternative metal band compromises nothing and plays everything.

There are few hard styles that their latest 2018 EP Lingua does not interweave. It's a journey to the East and back to the West, then a mystical world in the median.

Anne Mononoke's vocals are brassy and tough, a variety which set her apart--a promising newcomer. Kiev has another legend!

'Lingua'   VIDEO



They picked a good name. Kostroma isn't going to find a more brutal death metal band.

They've delivered darkness through the underground since 2002.

'Live in Zoccolo 07-20-18'   VIDEO


Beorn (2008-present)

They are a power metal quartet from Tambov.

Their music centralizes fantasy and piracy.

'Riders of the Sky' VIDEO is about harnessing ancient magic to travel to hidden kingdoms and treasures.

 'Star Ocean' VIDEO  describes a fantasy world in which you dream to escape into the real world.


Inner Missing

Inner Missing is an intriguing gothic metal project, that initially was a duo and grew into the band today.

Their narratives are gloomy but relevant. Are they a prophecy? It is up to you.

'The Aspen and the Cross'   VIDEO

'The Castle'   VIDEO


Kalevala (2007-present)

They're a unique folk metal band from Moscow, Russia.

Kalevala utilizes an extremely melodic take on metal with accordions and balalaikas, bagpipes, flutes and whistles.

This instrumental medley paints a sonic wall, equally as colorful as their live performance.

"Hmm, yes. We performed a song, called 'Yarilo' on the Red Square during

 one of the festivals that are usually attached to some kind of holidays.

And we are the first metal band that has performed on the Red Square ever, you know.

That is quite a good highlight I guess."(Valkarieswebzine)

Kalevala uses their folk background in Russia to meld metal with non-accepted norms.

"Нагрянули VIDEO references the practice of animal transformation.

During the video one of the transformers battles an invading force.



Karna is a metal band from Hutsul, Ukraine. Their brand of thrash is folk-ish, heavy and very fast.

Playing all over Europe has established their place as beloved fan favorites since 1997.

Karna playing in Sentrum, Oslo


PAGANLAND (1997-present)

They are from Ukraine and their songs center on Paganism.

"We think that to the Slavic mythology the closest ones are Nordic-Germanic and Celtic mythology.

And this is not surprising, because all of these mythologies have the common European roots.

It is well known that the Celts and Scandinavians have visited the territory of modern Ukraine.

 That's why runes still are found from the north of Norway and to the south of Ukraine." (PERUN.HR)

 'У Серці Карпат'   VIDEO

"At the heart of the Carpathians 
At the heart of my own universe 
There’s a world beyond in there 
Where the voices of ancestors are heard 
It’s the voice of blood 
Is there anything of greater importance?"
(Encyclopaedia Metallum)

'Wind of Freedom (Full Album)'   VIDEO


Pokerface (2013-present)

From Moscow, Pokerface wields death/thrash metal to denounce oppression.

'Age of Terrorism'
"Machinegun fire 
Breaks the silence 
Negotiations have failed 
Bloody aggression 
Mind's suffocation 
Humanity going to dark"
(Metal Archives)

'The Fatal Scythe'    VIDEO

 "I can say Epoch changed and female vocal extremely growing. Unbelievable.

Nowadays we have a huge social community focused on female metal band,

only female metal tour, amazing female-only metal festivals.

Lady Owl (Alexandra Orlova)

It's real, it has good business implementation and it's the best example of emancipation." (Rock&metalinmyblood)

Following a growing trend, Pokerface acquired a female Lead Vocalist and have been rocking harder as a result.

"Now the situation in not so bad, but it is changing again. Church, national-patriots, economic crisis, political isolation?

These thing are not good for culture progress, as music, as painting, as literature.

And we don't have any choice . We are trying to cross boundaries. Russian Metal must have a chance!"



Performing out of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Reka is as far from Mainstream as it gets.

They claim not to be artists or musicians. Rather, they are individuals using an artistic medium to express their own ideologies.

Reka uses progressive rock and metal to fuse a uniquely post-metal style.

'Dependence'   VIDEO

Reka want the listener to mold their own political opinion and reject mainstream ideology.



A blackened Moscow death metal band.

"SphereDemonis consists of two words in two languages and means the sphere of demons.

The sphere of demons is the area around us where the dark forces are concentrated."

They're definitely face-melters, and their setlist is no easy feat to learn--though SphereDemonis' YouTube gives fans/fellow musicians a chance via instructional how-to videos!

That's a metal move to respect. What are their albums about for the most part?

'The Relevation of the Pyramids'   VIDEO

The band members love Akkadian and Sumerian civilization, so it features prominently in SphereDemonis' sound.

Variety of Death Zine offers a rare look into their inspiration. (Interview (English))

"Sumerian civilization is one of the first developed civilizations on Earth, which mysteriously appeared and mysteriously disappeared.

Their ancient texts describe amazing things about the creation of the world and man. All this seems interesting and gives us many opportunities to write lyrics."