In ancient times past, Earth's spirit thrived.

Nana Buluku, the West African 'Great Mother'

Consciousness rose as man fought to survive.

We paid tribute to gods who kept cosmic order.

Lakambini, the Filipino goddess of muse

Mami Wata, the Jamaican (originally Nigerian) sea deity

There were fewer disputes, less squabbles for borders.

The wars were brutal though, violence was law.

Monarchs ruled over all that they saw.

Power structures did reflect malintent.

For the crazed elite, blood spilled wherever they went.

Magic was common, and rituals too.

Forming ties with the supernatural was normal to do.

Gods predated creation, they had genders that changed.

Loki, the Norse god

Brahma, the Hindu god of creation

From straight to bisexual, orientations ranged.

Awonawilona, the Zuni (Native American) creator goddess. She's said to be bisexual. 

Seers wore masks to respect nature's power.

Women were fearsome and made weak men cower.

Their unbridled sexuality let them grow strong.

Nicole Kali's followers have lived eras long.

They faced persecution, were hunted and killed.


Corrupt rulers caused loss that took eons to rebuild.


The sacred turned evil, pagan pasts were erased.

The Temple of Sventovida in Arkona, 2006, Vsevolod Ivanov. This was a pagan temple dedicated to the Slavic fertility and war god Svetovid on Rujan (Rügen in Germany).

It was burned down in 1168 by Prince Valdemar and Bishop Absalon's Danish-Christian war campaign.

Replica of Svantovit/Sventovid statue in Jaromarsburg, Germany today.

Women's authority was restricted, they were "put in their place".

The Slave Market, 1882, Gustave Boulanger.

Moroccan Slave Market, anonymous woodcut, 17th ce.

Fear banned every oracle. Few shamans could hide.


Universalist faiths fell when the Church preached divide.

The roots of religion vary in source.

But Christianity is the largest to take Earth by force.


In only six centuries, hate spread through their word.


Peaceful Christians existed then, but were rarely heard.


It is the same as now when the rich make the rules.

Believers, deceived, and in deception are fools.

They answer my call because now they're awake.


A fire lives within that refuses to slake.

Nicole Kali commands elements billions of years old.

And she commands her followers to rise up and be bold.


I give them the weapons of justice and truth.

Their power goes farther than the voting booth.

False religion can't hold them.

Our inner fighter is found.

We join forces together to bring this shit down.

Gather your courage and get on the ground.

Nicole Kali has a revolutionary sound.

It is nature's harmony, the primeval chorus.

An old age redawning. The true path's set before us.


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