A global revolt is coming from the 99%. There's no mistaking it when you see nationally poisoned water, falling wages, political warmongering and ballooning debt at working class America's expense.

Backlash against this wicked regime starts now. There is prophetic potential for the oppressed people of our world.

Anti-Trump rally in Chapel Hill, November 2016

Now more than ever, revolutionary barriers vanish in the digital age. One individual can catalyze millions.

When you are speaking truth to power, watch the impact resonate.

The audience you can reach with a strong message is staggering. And this has been true throughout history. An empowered self inspires the world.

And it is true, the path of justice takes time to pave.

Flawed people have led resistance movements too. None of us is perfect.

If former pimps (Malcolm X), drug dealers (Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac) or inmates (Malcolm X and Cornel West) became agents of change...why can't YOU?

2Pac came from one of America's toughest neighborhoods: Compton, South Central L.A. His rhymes contain visions of "the voiceless" Black ghetto - snapshots from a broader future for our world.

They make rebels of anyone from Arab youth to Eastern European college students.

Angela, Malcolm, 2Pac, Sanders and Martin Luther King understood something in the face of our current crisis. The system makes a person feel powerless when they try to change it.

This was the reality that Sanders built his campaign upon, because he saw the coming change: a mass awakening.

Change sparks from within, and grows in time. Revolution is a seed within that must be watered.

Use your voice to end oppression. Use your inner power for a greater purpose. Expand in your self. Most importantly, do not give up.

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