The econo-political elites set an ugly course of action that's been decided since ancient times.

False power is necessary to control regions, resources and eventually the world.

Conquest was the only way to spread their 'truth'.

White Christian patriarchy arose in 325 AD, eventually taking center stage as the chief architects of global disorder.

But they had help maintaining chaos across faiths, empires and eras. Why?

Medieval siege of Constantinople

The Rainbow Fascist Coalition is really what we should call a select gang of international sadists.

They embody many ethnicities and motives and races. Some are in it for the cash.

Many use religion as a deflective shield for accountability. To them, "pious" people never pay.

Narendra Modi, India's Hindu nationalist PM

Others in the Rainbow Fascist Coalition seem to enjoy watching people suffer.

'Aung San Suu Kyi and the Flag', Steve McCurry. 1996.

Suu Kyi is Myanmar's authoritarian leader, ignoring a massive ethnic genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Their villages are burned down and relief is cut off to thousands as they suffer.

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's PM who has presided over a radical Islamist spike in violent attacks

They pass impossible laws against nature, create open-air prisons, strike forcefully toward their own people.

Belief becomes a barrier and weapon of destruction that tears countries like Iraq, Myanmar and Yemen apart.

Always in power and never subject to consequence...

Theresa May


This Coalition can't rest easy. Global slave-masters behind cut scenes know.

Their debt hasn't been collected and no war can keep them from paying.

We haven't seen the last of Rainbow Fascist Coalition's plan to destroy our planet.

But today is the beginning of their end.

Nicole Kali's coming to teach them what justice means.

Watch me and my followers rise up, taking it back.

We are the people. We are the power.

The Rainbow Fascist Coalition's in its final hour.