We discussed the need to improve mental wellness and how our minds relate to bodily health here. Clean water must be available to all of us. Nutritional food is a right, not an upper-class privilege.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses make some a higher candidate for dehydration or neglectful hunger. Without necessities like minerals and water, we're only getting sicker as a society.

So how do you navigate our dangerous and increasingly oppressive world when it looks like Flint?

Or straight outta Compton?

East Saint Louis?

Dawn Chapman, Karen Nickel overlooking West Lake Landfill in Saint Louis.

West Lake has experienced sub-surface fire 10 years via radioactive waste stored underground since the 1940's (WSJ).

We live in threatening times. But this chaos is nothing in comparison to the coming storm and climate carnage in America.


Hyper-debt bubbles are overdue for a burst, which has exacerbated the polarity between rich and poor. Soon a violent wave will follow.

Racial tensions soar as inequality cannot be prettied up by politicians or propaganda anymore. What are the health-related effects?


Our environment transforms into one with disease, disorder and death. Misguided sexual education has done a number on U.S. citizens.

It is to the point nearly half of Americans have HPV-an ethnically differentiated fact (New York Times). A synthetic health system and economy has created real problems.

"The industry accounts for a lot of good middle-class jobs and, in many communities, it's the single-largest employer." (CNN)

G.O.P. health care cruelty would kill the biggest job sector creator since the Recession (CNN). It'd further empty positions for already desperately needed carers (Washington Post).

Administrative costs soar, so do the risks as deregulation prevents oversight for crooked fine print.

Eight pharmaceutical companies doubled their spending in 2017's first three months alone (KHN). Related to this, America's opioid crisis is so devastating that rain forests are razed to supply the fix (Vice).

Drug users have too hard a time coping, and forget things entirely (Scientific American). The heroin wave has also left millions of children homeless in the United States.

Our food and material goods have bloody price tags. The world's largest addiction pushers hire children to make toxic products.

In this system, youth work tobacco and crop fields till they get sick (HRW). Some are young as seven years old.

Acute poisoning via pesticides or nicotine is common.

Agriculture is a glimpse into how severely U.S. health has dropped. In 2012, 66% of minors died from agricultural occupation hazards.

The have-nots have a fatal debt they can't pay. Real gangsters robbed them, and they continue to do so.

The current president wants to destroy the health care industry millions of citizens depend on for survival.

Imperialism uses capitalist ideology to combat the Earth and its living population. Plutocrats would kill the planet, if revolution was not standing in their way.

Let us redefine what nature is.


America is heading for an ugly, unavoidable makeover. Follow me and grow from a revolutionary seedling to a bad-ass fighter. It's time to kick some ass.

You'll need some self-defense skills after taking care of basic health needs.

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