This high-octane band evolved from founding duo Markoch

and NMK's current guitarist, Elias Checco.

"I absolutely fell in love with metal as soon as I first listened to Iron Maiden’s “The Wickerman”

(my first real experience ever aside from randomly listening

to Dream Theater’s “Train of Thought” at school).

I just couldn’t believe my ears!"

Carlos Roca is fellow guitarist, Lucho Medina is bad-ass

bassist, and Diego Porturas is NMK's drummer.

'Blinded by Fear' (At the Gates Cover)

"NMK stands for Now Mankind Knows.

The concepts of our music, art and lyrics are about realizing we’ve been manipulated,

mind-controlled, programmed and deceived all along.

That the only way to obtain our full potential as human

species is to go back to basics and unlearn everything." (Dead Rhetoric)

NMK’s discography is a saga with recurring themes like

metaphysical rebirth, consciousness shifts and personal power.

They are all too relevant in dark, uncertain times. We must find our strength in spirit.

'Lack of Judgment'  VIDEO

Fleeing in awe, summoning death
Recalling ancient hidden texts
It’s time to amend what’s been unglued
To try and live this life anew!" (Genius)

"NMK was the short name of the live band when I recorded my 1st album entitled

Influences & Connections Vol. 1 in 2012 and the shows we did between 2011 – 2015...

I did it, because those songs/bands were what I used to teach myself how to sing with various vocal techniques

and to find my own vocal style and inspired me in my own compositions." (Dead Rhetoric)

Their At the Gates cover is top-notch.

NMK has a influential and musical range that definitely stands out from the rest.

They've rocked crowds from Hard Rock Cafe, Metal United World Wide Peru, to Lima Metal Fest, and

shared the stage with Anna Fiori, Dark Funeral, The Agonist, Necropsya and more!

Nathalie Markoch, XED Interview  VIDEO

NMK before an August 2019 concert in Lima

Their debut album Ravenous Spectre is out now!

"We have received comments from people on many different countries,

telling us their likeness of Ravenous Spectre as a whole.

It is an incredible and warm feel to know their opinions.

We sing about this not only to reveal what we think are the negative aspects of modern life, we also try

to communicate with details how we believe we could all be better as human

beings and all the feedback has been so great." (Toilet ov Hell)

Their latest performance was at Heresy Fest in Argentina.