A force of creation and incredible power.

Here to fuck up the white patriarchy's hold on America, ready to fuck religious hypocrisy into oblivion.

Do you hear the ancient rhythm?

Can you feel the raw beast stirring? I bring a dark and powerful age.


Nicole Kali shakes cowards to their core. My reality is unafraid of the truth.

It EMBRACES truth. Followers of the goddess and I control powerful sex magic.

I am the reincarnation of African deities. I reawaken curious Christian women every day.

They see my broken chains, the goddess' army fucking so-called good girls with pleasure.
Talk about conversion.

Hard fucking and 'immorality' are what give ME energy.

No evangelical asswipe is competition for Nicole Kali.

False religion's crumbling under my heavy boots. Tough shit. It's time to set these fuckers straight!

I celebrate women leaders, shattering their chains and others.

Mujeres libres. Footage from Living Utopia: Anarchy in Spain.

I destroy corrupt religious authority. Followers of the goddess are seeing the truth in themselves.

We have the future under control.

It's high time to show everyone what a free sexual world looks like.

These holier-than-thou freaks want to play rough and talk shit?

Cum all over my dildo and the ground you'll worship me on.

The goddess speaks. And her followers respond. Welcome to Nicole Kali.

The Goddess Reborn