Nature comes with its own order and balance.

That doesn't care about armies or bigots with guns.

Justice serves an Indiana police officer. The state has a dark past of KKK law enforcement.

Nature powers itself. Before time WAS time, Earth sprang into existence from the ancient ones.

Revolution's drums echo through primeval forest.

They bear messages, warning and revolt to trained ears.


Pre-colonial cultures protected life in a natural contract.

Their great power is one white Christian patriarchy fears.


False religion tried to remodel Indigenous "new worlds".

Its supporters burned kings, woods, villages and shrines.

Execution of the Inca of Peru by Pizarro. A.B. Greene.

They imposed misogyny and violence on generations. "Good faith" forced women to love being confined.

Princess Matoaka, "Pocahontas" or Rebecca, as christened by her English husband John Rolfe. Depicted in The New World (2005).

Sexuality was demonized for all, no natural fucking or instinct permitted by the Church.

Yes, the twisted regime failed to enforce the rules.

Nicole Kali kicks it off the perch.

We live in a renewed age where truth's center-stage.

Decolonial freedom has countless new names.


As the 500-Year-War ends disastrously worldwide...

I channel a force that can't be tamed.

Nature's contract lasts, you can't break if you enter.

Spiritual energy lets followers grow strong.

But fake belief and sick systems blame old values for what's gone wrong!

Nothing's new OR unnatural about birth control, sex or genders like Two-Spirited and trans.

Ancient Greek and Egyptian contraceptive methods.

The backlash against logic is old, and prigs lose hard.

They hide in closed hearings or issue hate-bans.

Republicans and intolerant leaders today mirror past religious persecution.

Native Americans protest Serra's canonization

Inquisition and procession in 16th-century Goa, India (Portuguese Empire)

Union Square, New York City today. Protest against Pope Francis.

Damage still has indigenous people in lost-and-found.

Lozen, the Apache Two Spirit shaman and warrior

Sage Chanell, Miss International Two Spirit 2016 from the Shawnee tribe

Women fight imperialism with unclear resolution.

Kali's warrior sisters refuse to lay down.

YPG-YPJ Kurdish soldiers in Rojava, fighting ISIS

The bravest nature defenders are commonly women!

Berta Cáceres, COPINH and eco-conscious Honduran coordinator killed in Clinton's regime change

Nina Gualinga, a Kichwa activist defeating oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Wangari Maathai, the irreplaceable Kenyan environmental activist who began the Green Belt Movement to reforest her country

Miriam Miranda, nature protector and president of OFRANEH, an Afro-Honduran organization.

Their revolutionary tactics help communities thrive.

Many fight and sacrifice for indigenous rights. Without them, how would the planet survive?

Juanita Cabreba Lopez from the International Maya League, who tell us to "walk together in defense of Mother Earth"

Stand with me now, as the environment's attacked!

Let's prevent another ecological war.

Climate March in Washington, D.C. Nicole Kali uses true Africa's natural power to rally the people.

Nature will have your back if you sign ITS contract, not the plutocrats'.

Eva Bande, Indonesian mother, anti-land grab activist and women's right protector. She beat palm oil in Central Sulawesi.

Nature is a stronghold worth fighting for.

Climate Carnage

Environmental Racism