As I look around, it is clear art has become the platform for revolutionary messages to take hold.

Suzi Quatro

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth

Someone's got to ascend above the fray to lead our planet toward a natural state again.

This is where the artists have taken a stand.

Jim Morrison, The Doors

Music combines freedom, life, raw sexuality. Its subconscious power sets us free.

I channel ancient West African rhythms, that brought blues' ancestors to American shores.

I found liberation through ominous, crude, soulful tones we still use today in rock and metal.

Feminine voices will ring out louder and stronger than ever. We blaze forward, an army of sisters unafraid to lead.

I respect the woman warriors Alexis Brown.

Joan Jett.

"...the glue that set generations free of unnatural suppression. Rock’n’roll is political."

Suzi Quatro.

Betty Davis...

Marsha Hunt...

Poly Styrene...

Skin of Skunk Anansie...


I'm influenced by All I Could Bleed, Alekhine's Gun, Judas Priest, Living Colour, Overthrust, Slayer and Soundgarden.

Metal is their tool of destruction against a phony plutocratic order.

My sound has primeval might. From shadows and dark forests...

Nicole Kali emerges to kick the status quo's ass.

Are you ready?

What's YOUR message?


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