Depression is a daily demon for 15 million Americans. Anxiety affects 40 million. 400 million people globally suffer from mental illness, and feeling hopeless in the oppressive state of today.

Sleep inequality, bankruptcy and mental health crises grow while this is ignored. Access to beneficial food and living wages dwindles. For minorities, the combined stress is crushing.

Deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and amino acids precede depression (link). Here is a deeper look at this. 44% of working Americans can't sleep at night because they're stuck in work mode--nearly half (x).

Media tells us everything's fine, justice prevails and we're "moving forward" as Trump's death agenda is to be passed.

Whether you're trapped in a job, living through poverty or just trying to survive, mental illness is everywhere.

It's tied to our lifestyles: bad diet, lack of sleep, overworked and part of a world gone mad.

The ideological lie feels fake when you're surrounded by social and economic devastation.

A removed, comfortable elite assures us from a podium, "We'll get through this tough time together".

Despite the constant reminders, we feel alienated. 7½ billion humans on Earth. Plutocratic rulers advertise a false reality of separation so we are more lonely than ever.

82% of Americans feel like the real gangsters at the political pyramid top don't care what happens to them (poll). That's the truth.

Violence by the uncaring leadership makes us hurt each other...and ourselves. Many deal with the disconnect via substance abuse or other dangerous habits—1 in 10.

Alcoholism affects physical and mental stress severely. There's ties between dehydration and depression (link).

Recent research also shows a clear connection in sleep and depression. For 800,000 Americans a year, depression kills.

Suicide's the second-leading cause of death for 18- to 30-year-olds (WHO). This destructive trend soars with global instability and student debt in an education epidemic.

Here is my message to all. You are not alone here. Self-care and good mental health are crucial.

Disability's not a problem or reason to feel ashamed.

To those fighting for progress, listen. I look around, and greed burdens all living beings.

 I will return our world to its natural order. Oppressive systems will no longer hold you down.

Your contribution to change can't begin with self-sacrifice. Our resistance is art, community organizing, peaceful protest or public speaking.

It must be sustainable for best results.

Speaking to those on the brink and considering suicide: stay here. You are needed. You are a seed of revolution.

Make the difference you were meant to. Heal yourself.

Take in the revolution's reassurance that this storm will temper. Then join the forces revitalizing life on this planet.


The centers can provide crisis council, refer to local health services and be reached any time.

Number (Toll-Free): 1-800-273-8255


A web service and app that allows a user to target their particular health issue.

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