"Death alone will put a stop to my efforts!"
- David Livingstone (1813-1873)

Praise still shines down on Scottish missionizing-mercenary Dr. David Livingstone. He's "famed for his extensive travels through Africa, his campaign against the slave trade" and 'big heart'.

From European academic publications to American bible schools however, there is a deafening silence around Livingstone's darker deeds.

Livingstone is one more perpetuator of the 500-Year-War upon indigenous Africans and Native Americans. Though Christianity was his primary objective, the so-called missionary strangely managed to convert one African: King Sechele.

And he didn't even stay Christian, returning to his native lifestyle fairly soon.

So why had Livingstone gone to Africa? Slavery is a convenient ruse for unregulated commerce at their great expense.

Livingstone delivered a chilling premonition at his December 5, 1857 Cambridge address to the Senate House.

"I go back to Africa to make an open path for commerce and Christianity. Do you carry out the work which I have begun. I leave it with you!" (Livingstone, pg. 225)


Religious justification for genocide is about more than church approval. Alongside plutocratic interests, the results are devastating.

Imperialist religious influence reoccurs throughout human history. Rome fell to it, the "New World", Asia's dynasties and most of Africa's kingdoms.

Damage worsens with ethnic tensions, racially superior views and whitewashing history. Mistakes repeat, intolerance ensues.

Look no further than the Christian Dark Ages, Nigeria's religious crises, in South Sudan, Uganda's lingering anti-gay British law, Rwanda, the Gaza War, the Scramble for Africa or America's foreign policy toward Muslims.

Christianity's roots are not so respectable. When power is blind to truth and adopts false ideology, dangerous things happen.

Through all of this, 'peace and prosperity' talks persist as a distraction.

Livingstone cloaked his morally bankrupt liberalism in the same way. Christian pre-corporate capitalists in 19th-century Africa accomplished their genocide just like war criminals in modern times.

With good to no PR and humanitarian "aid".


Evidence has surfaced that Livingstone frequently had sex with African women (Blantyre), despite his Christian morals and preaching against such sins. Some may not have been consensual.

Human rights are the reason that they come, not the reason they stay.


European leaders illegally subjugated Africa's hundreds of tribal regions to their provincial control. ____ was now under French ownership, etc.

To be clear, erasure of African history has immensely benefited Belgium, England, France-even the United States. The Berlin Conference of 1885 made Europe's continual exploitation official and easy.

Not only did these colonizing countries get rich from African exploitation. They never paid reparations because so few recall each nation's source of wealth. Their empires boomed by default.

138 years after Livingstone's role in opening up Africa, African cities and chiefs still carry his name.

Belgian King Leopold II presided over present Congo 20 years. In that time, 10,000,000 had been killed.

The country's resources were stripped away, and its people brutalized for decades.

Religious racism and humanitarianism shaped Africa's negative circumstances today. We must look to its past if we must better understand a true African future.

We must see that the heart of darkness remains in the Mother Continent. And the 500-Year-War goes on.

The criminal destruction of our planet goes on with dark forces of greed, death and terror to fuel it. But the plutocrats have no easy out.

This time...Nicole Kali is here to fight.

Liberal imperialism dies when this system does. And that day is coming soon, anytime.

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