A nation watches in horror as a leading political party takes a descent into criminal madness.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act and its July 13th version have completely thrown America into a death spiral.

Christian patriarchs are so obsessed with Hell, they've recreated it!

The Republican Party has subscribed to a death agenda. They play with an economic detonator-and American lives. The Southern strategy is once more at large (The Nation).

Trumpcare has one objective. Destroy the lives of minorities and the poor. Republicans are arming themselves for the next genocide against these groups.


Dr. George Simkins Jr. Photo from the Greensboro Medical Society.

Simkins v. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital catalyzed the African-American medical community toward eliminating health disparities. The plaintiff group consisted of three dentists, six physicians and two patients.

They took aim at segregational policies in an unpredecented move that eventually desegregated the entire country. In 1962, Dr. Simkins Jr. chose to fuse health with social justice.

He teamed with the NAACP for legal action as Greensboro chapter President. Their Legal Defense Fund developed nationwide inconsistencies with health infrastructural spending.

Just like Halliburton, the 1960's health care systwem had a loophole the size of a Great Lake. States could participate in de jure segregation to build medical facilities.

It radically accelerated racial health disparities, especially for Black communities. (AAIHS)


Even in 2012, 2/3 of primary care physicians harbor racial biases (Medical News). Experiencing racial discrimination in one's teens predisposes African-Americans to chronic disease, and the symptoms manifest by 20 years old (ThinkProgress).

84,000 Black and Latino people die from health disparities a year (Just Medicine, pg. 7).

23 million Americans depended on food stamps through SNAP in 2013 (Supplemental Food Nutrition Program). The Department of Agriculture reported 40% of white households, 26% of Black, and 10% of Latino households receive them (Characteristics 2013)

Survival plays along vicious class-race lines. Martin Luther King Jr. saw this too.

"Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane".

Reproductive health displays disgusting neglect in America's capital itself.

Ward 8 suffers an infant mortality rate 10 times higher than white affluent areas like Georgetown or Ward 3 (The Nation). African-Americans spend 4% more on health care than white Americans do (Guardian).

Basic health benefits will be gutted by states if vengeful values take the place of health coverage for all. Insurance plans wouldn't provide drug or mental health help, even hospital visits (CBPP).

Interstate insurance sales may ignite a race for the lowest coverage. Across the United States, counties are bare and have only one health care provider. Some can afford none at all (link).

Nearly 44,000 Americans will die a year if the Affordable Care Act's repealed (Washington Post).

What are we seeing? It is a massive move to health care monopolization. Citizens will be forced into buying insurance from fraudulent companies without even knowing.


Make no mistake, this is a misogynist's campaign too. Why else would the Trump administration make abortions near-impossible?

Under Trumpcare, prenatal services will be denied to pregnant mothers. 390,000 low-income women won't get preventive health care with Medicaid blocks to Planned Parenthood (Huff Post).

And rape will qualify as a pre-existing medical condition.


This is blatant discrimination. Punishing the next generation of women-to-be seems extremely low. However, defund teenagers' teen pregnancy prevention and support...

Young girls and women get left behind.


How bad is the damage? Trump's Obamacare repeal could cost $550 billion by 2027, in the best of circumstances. Medicare cuts threaten another $1.6 trillion (CRFB).

49 million Americans would be uninsured in 2018. His savings claims aren't true. Price far outweights any good outcome with the latest Republican debacle.

Medicaid faces a phase-out after 2019 and this new law severs it over $880 billion in a decade (New York Times). Although Senate's recent July 13th version cuts Medicaid by $772 billion, how unacceptable can conditions be?

Schools receive $4 billion of that annually. Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition rammed home that this harms vulnerable children.

"School-based Medicaid programs serve as a lifeline to children who often can’t access critical health care and health services outside of their schools.

Under this bill, the bulk of the mandated costs of providing health care coverage would be shifted to the states." (AASA)

31 states may drop expansion for new enrollees, since federal funding would no longer be consistently provided under the ACA adoption.

And worse, aid could potentially be capped or cut to Medicaid altogether (CNBC). Veterans are left in the cold as well.

Without access to tax credits and the main VA health care system, many veterans can't afford coverage. Many suffered a life in limbo because a sick system doesn't even pretend to protect them.

Economic hypocrisy kills innocent civilians domestically and overseas. It's a nationwide crisis gone international.

John Kovach is Paralyzed Veterans of America's National President. He lays out ACA's severity.

"Health care is not a political issue. It is literally a matter of life and death in many cases. We are unconcerned with partisan arguments, political affiliations or even the title of the new healthcare law. We simply want our government to get it right." (PR Newswire)

The American Health Care Act and Better Care Reconciliation Act pulled back a curtain around ruling elite. Mega-wealthy overlords cheer as everyone besides them struggle.

Wall Street received "handouts" from the U.S. government in 2008 and 2009. A retroactive tax benefit was taken out of the Senate's health bill.

Health savings accounts make investors triple the profit (CNBC) while bankrupting payers. Individual deductibles are at least $1,300.

Family coverage under HSA's is over $2,500. Annually they'd pay $13,100 out of pocket. So much for family values! Crooked earnings come from bad deals and a $1 trillion free ride on Americans' backs.  

Straight from Warren Buffett: "If there's one clear-cut message that comes out of that bill it is, we’re going to cut the hell out of income taxes for the rich on investment income." (CNBC) He gets a 17% personal tax cut.

America's "going to be living in the emergency rooms again" at this rate (CNN).

The Republican Party turning their back on America

On May 4th, 2017 the Republican Party signed a death warrant. Trump showed he lacks compassionate and level-headed leadership.


Then on July 13th, something occurred. As Republican greed manifested for the world to see...

Nicole Kali had even red-state senators being real about who the gangsters are.

Susan Collins doled out the following on CNN's State of the Union.

"Those (changes) include very deep cuts that would affect some of the most vulnerable people in our society." (x)

The fight hasn't died yet.


Protesters outside Republican Senator Thom Tillis' house in Greenville, NC

It's Logan's Run, the Twilight Zone in America 2017.

Citizens are signing up for refusal to the right to live. 35% of U.S. job growth is in health care. Trump is cutting aid across so many areas that the death toll almost boggles your mind.

Why kill Americans and a vital tenet in world infrastructure?

America won't roll over and die due to partisan incompetence. We rise as a unified force. We demand better! Health care is a right and so is human life!

The progressive movement must mobilize. Health care will not be on the GOP chopping block.

We're going to fight every step of the way.

Better Care Reconciliation Act

Doom and Truth