The sands of time carry honorable pasts. Earth's history is told in artifacts.

Some are preserved, and some are destroyed. Nicole Kali bridges the intentional void.

My preternatural force sews broken pieces together. I'm a warrior goddess kickin' ass in black leather.

I let my beast run wild, and live in dark woods.

I represent the personification of freedom and good.

I embodied all of nature, and my followers understood.

They accepted other beliefs but stayed true to their own.

Priestesses conjured with runes of stone.

Queens were fierce rulers who could handle things alone.

They kickcd royal ass while occupying the throne.

Spiritual realms overlapped with the human one.

Ancient people had temples where they praised the Sun.

With truth on my side, watch me replace the vibrant world bastards partially erased.

For millennia, cowards start cultural wars and justify everything they're fighting for.

Economic factors drove battle rates and bloody conflict between city-states.

Aphrodite's temple burned, and Egyptian eunuchs lives' lost.

Trade routes were secured, but what was the cost?

Destruction and siege of Jerusalem.

The Crusades were only petty bloodshed.

For divination, you could be dead.

Often it's hatred and fear, a violent projection on others.

Or religious imperialism makes brothers kill brothers.

While the old age flourished, there was chaos as well.

Rome corrupted democracy and their empire fell.

Human sacrifices continued. Don't ask, don't tell.

In the midst Christianity became the power apparatus, no longer kept to cult status.

It's telling in how quickly this turned the tides. Support for fake truth spelled paganism's demise.

Where sex was worshipped openly, devotees were shamed.

Though class divided imperial subjects, non-Christians got blamed.

Imagine an era with thousands of views reduced brutally in time to more than a few.

There were gaps for women's power, assaults against gods, killings for customs that were considered odd.

Nature fought back ferociously but she was suppressed.

They bound the very foundation on which all balance rests.

From my magic, reality's exposed.

This imposed system's failing and it's time to go.

My spirit sisters, raised up by my hands, are reverting things back and making demands.

They resist weaklings' bondage and will soon set things right.

Strong and untamed, followers lead the fight.

Wendy O. Williams from The Plasmatics

A planetary clash, primeval might vs. synthetic.

Our influence is timeless. Plutocracy won't forget it.

No matter how much is changed or waged upon through war...

Rewriting history shows how we lived before.