The GOP 2018 fiscal year budget has broken records in a bad way. Vengeful values of Republican leaders shock Washington and the world.

Foreign assistance will fall 32%—one-third if Trump's original budget passes (x).

The latest addition takes away $10 billion for foreign aid. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed for this. $10 billion coincidentally goes to Pentagon's base budget in the National Defense Authorization Act. $6 billion are for Navy ships (Politico).

Trump originally wanted $17 billion in these cuts. U.S. payments to the UN drop $600 million.

Wednesday's legislation even locks up money for multilateral organizations, ones able to handle several issues. Climate change and hunger relief are two examples. That funding would fall more than 60% (PBS).

Meanwhile, House's Homeland Security subcommittee approved a $1.6 billion down payment for Trump’s U.S-Mexico border wall.

80% of our planet lives in the Global South, with 20% access to proper resources. 40% wealth belongs to the richest .01 of 1%. Keep this in mind (x).

A 20% decrease in HIV/AIDS drug funding is horrifying. This cut could kill over an originally assumed 1 million (New York Times) in Africa.

660,000 in Uganda and 110,000 in Haiti have been orphaned by the virus already (The Global Fund).

Proposed funding pares down the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and PEPFAR 17% each. Altogether, that's $1 billion in cuts (Washington Blade) and over 20 million people who were saved.

It cruelly cuts $65 million for emerging disease and $76 million for world health programs. $222 million will be cut for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, malaria plus STD funding. $550 million siphoned from HIV/AIDS research (Vox).

 See the remediated proposal yourself. Long-term economic growth will fester under Trump's budget. We're looking at -$5 billion in net gain (Foreign Policy).

Trump's budget cut nearly 30 million people from food aid rolls, despite desperate efforts to stem famine (The Guardian).

USAID in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

US food aid provided $756 million recently as July 9th (Bloomberg). Annually, this particular effort gives $1.45 billion.


"The Trump administration’s first budget is a gift to billionaires at the expense of millions of people’s lives."

Asia Russell didn't spare any words for the economic hypocrisy. She's Health GAP executive director (x).

"Shame on the Trump administration for showing no regard for people’s lives and cutting highly effective, life-saving programs to the bone."

What about families? USAID backs 28% of contraceptives and their non-Western distribution. 10 million women depend on them.

Afghan midwife and mother, a USAID and Ministry of Health effort

Carl Schmid is the AIDS Institute's deputy director. He's appalled by this budgetary disaster.

"We never thought it would be at this magnitude,” Schmid said. "It’s around 19 percent of all HIV prevention funding would be cut." (x)

"The family planning elimination is the headline here," Rachel Silverman points out. She is senior policy analyst at the CGD.

"When women have control over fertility, they have control over their lives." (Vox)

A global gag rule reinstates itself, and collectively will deny $8 billion to any health organization informing on or providing abortions (Devex).

(D-NY) Rep. Nita Lowey is on the appropriations commitee. She agrees that this cannot benefit anyone.

"Expanding the global gag rule to all health programs is disastrous. So we’re going to have a lot of work to do." (x)

Republicans' budget costs the UNFPA $32.5 million-no more contributions (Devex). Since America is their fourth-largest donor, the impact is devastating (x).

Jonathan Rucks works at a global health NGO, PAI. He worries the United States leave a gap that's hard to fill. Trump's plan seems clear to him.

"If you are cutting maternal health funding, then you don’t care about survival of women. We are also going to be really frank and say this is not pro-life." (Vox)

Barnaby Willitts-King is research fellow at London's Overseas Development Institute. "Is there going to be a sudden pattern in U.S. aid which is going to have huge implications, or is it just part of the budget process?" (Bloomberg)

Good point. The poorest places may be left to fend alone.

What good comes from something so evil? Emily Holubowich is Coalition of Health Funding's executive director. She's never seen malevolence like this before.

"Cuts of this magnitude, even taking the Prevention Fund aside, are completely unfathomable." (Science Blogs)


Foreign aid cuts paint a grotesque portrait of the future. Pandemics could arise at any point with fragile refugee health. Globally, we can expect tens of millions dead.

This especially follows an unsettling push in U.S. military around the world...most of all, places needing aid. 30% cuts affect the State Department (TheHill). Daily operations there have ceased.

"We have never before seen a third of their budget potentially being eliminated," says Anita McBride. She worked for Reagan and Bush's administrations (x).

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson backed out of a meeting with African Union chairman, Moussa Faki Mahamat. He ignored a key meeting for U.S./Afghanistan relations.

Rob Berschinski was deputy assistant Secretary of State in Obama's administration. "A department focused on foreign policy is increasingly a department focused on whether their function is appreciated, and will continue to exist."

Gordon Adams was a senior national security White House official for Clinton.

"It is top-to-bottom a dismissing of the State Department. This is about the most systematic dismantling of a federal department that I’ve witnessed."

Diplomacy must not be on the GOP agenda. War is.

"My suspicion is that within the White House…that this seems to actually be a concerted effort to diminish the role of the State Department in U.S. foreign policy." (Newsmax)

2016, Gen. Waldhauser describes the U.S. military's intention in Africa. He has a shadowy past extending from Pakistan, Djibouti, and Afghanistan to Iraq (Defense).

Marine Corps Gen. Dunford passing command to Gen. Waldhauser

"It is up to us to bring forward creative and viable solutions to these challenges and view each one as an opportunity to work with and assist our African partners, not only today, but in the future." (x)

The U.S. government role in humanitarian crisis interchanges between coups, liberal imperialism and picking sides.

After choosing a "good" and "bad" team, America intervenes to save the day. But the world doesn't need war. It requires foreign aid and assistance now. And this must happen more than previous conflict periods. Earth is in the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945.

$30 billion to boost imperialism (x) won't heal or take care of the hungry, the sick. Congress is playing with a fire set to engulf the world.