Is there another way to classify capitalism's treatment of the Earth and human beings than murder?Look at religious imperialism's arrival on the global stage, and you will see that it coincides with a dark era for all.

Christian corporatocracy consumed the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe...and eventually even the lands Christianity came from.

A 500-Year-War unleashed itself upon a resistant world. What is the largest-scale adversity that can occur against a racial group? Environmental injustice. But nature and its protectors fought back.

Now Dr. Robert Bullard is undoubtedly the scholarly father of environmental justice. Although as said before, communities of color safeguarded nature since it was first under attack by colonialism.


Early American environmentalism established the clear point that minorities would be left out.


We must especially look at environmental racism's impact on Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and African descendants because such is a trend hundreds of years long.

At the nuclear testing program's height, the Marshall Islands suffered 60 atomic tests.

Extreme health disparities exist between white and non-white neighborhoods now as a result of racist policies. Incinerators are built right next to minorities' homes. The haves are allowed to breathe freely and eat cleanly. The have-nots drink leaded water and their physical health declines.

Failing infrastructure and waste burdens created health gaps ever widening for non-white Americans. There's discrimination in the air. Welcome to the ghetto. This is the world my gangster rap friends call home.

Migrant workers experience severe environmental hazards and long-term health risks. Many came here to save their lives, not shorten them.

If there were a field riddled with potential gas leaks, would you want to live near it? If your water contained toxin levels considered to be lethal, would you still drink it? Envision an environment where you had no other choice. Eco-justice is changing environmental circumstances for all.

It will be your backyard soon. Rise and kick ass for Mother Earth. Nature asks us to defend her.

There is no other time than now. Fight for her justice.

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