We have a massive education epidemic in America.

Now mass school shootings run rampant, and children must lead campaigns to be the last victims of such tragedies.

What else is affected by American "values"? Students themselves.

Teacher shortages have hit poor and rural areas hard.

Huge money has vanished due to privatized learning-$200 million in fraud for 15 states (report).

Charter ghost schools get the cash, and never open for enrollment. More scams that cost extra money.

Representatives push to let corporations influence state schools.

This has happened already with House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Gov. Rick Scott in Florida.

HB-7069 is a nearly 300-page bill that favors private schools and lowers criteria for staff.

341 Florida charters alone have closed down for this irresponsibility. 115 public schools are slated for a charter remodel if the bill's not struck down.

This is the same state that prioritizes pornography over gun violence as a health risk.

Oversight is fairly non-existent in the corporate school system.

Welcome to a real global crisis in schools, not "poor performance".


Washington, D.C. has its own embarrassing brush with charter failure.

Kent Amos was a "community" leader who founded Dorothy Height Community Academy in 2010.

It is one of D.C.'s oldest and largest operating charter schools.

He managed a shell company that billed them $14 million over a decade (x). And Amos paid himself $1.4 million per year.

If this happens in the nation's capital, you can imagine America looks the same overall.

 Florida charter school directors use $750,000 to keep their real estate afloat.

That same Life Skills Center charged Florida $101,000 for students never on the roster.

Michigan gives an annual $1 billion to charter schools, but they're nationally among the least regulated.

Thousands of students have been locked out of bankrupt charter schools like Detroit's Taylor International Academy.

Some kids can't even graduate because of closings (x). The big picture doesn't look pretty.

Jacqueline Robinson taught at Taylor. She gave an ominous but truthful assessment of Trump's education regime (x).

"This is a new world that we’re seeing with Betsy DeVos. Businesses come in.

They are coming into education, into our schools. They can’t make their money? Oh well."

A "turn-around specialist" (con artist) company, Renaissance School Services, gambled away all the funds.

Minnesota has two nasty incidences in public education history.

Oh Day Aki/ Heart of the Earth was a tribal school set up in 1999. CEO Joel Pourier may be the most dubious.

Not only did he steal $1.3 million in five years for the big gangsta lifestyle: nice houses, rides and strip clubs.

The school couldn't even cover field trip, textbook or general supply costs.

Mental health is deteriorating among each grade level, especially in U.S. colleges. High school students face higher anxiety and depression rates.

The changing economy and political climate, school-centered violence and mental crises are related.

Rape is a pre-existing condition under the proposed budget. So college students cannot get proper medical help under Title IX.

Student debt is a form of debt slavery for young adults, in plain sight!

Cal State Fullerton protests

This occurs at the same time that private universities have become money dens with $20 billion tax subsidies.

Private equity invested $200 billion into higher education. However, debt saddled students with $20,000 or more debt (x).


Their unpaid loans may be the deciding factor for the next crash.

The Success Academy and Marjory Stoneman High School are only two chilling accounts about U.S. youth's future.

Wall Street hedge fund managers and investors buy their way to public school. Politicians take money to support bills that kill.

America's public education once was a great achievement (link).

This changed with false leadership who only saw money. Nina Simone attacked the negligence that America shows its children.

Fifty years later, not much has changed.


What if it's been proven Uncle Sam's economic hypocrisy has affected education all over the world?

Youth refugees are five times more at risk for being out of school (UNHCR).

Puerto Rico potentially will close 600 of 1,460 schools to save money.

Instructors have to pay for their student's supplies (x).

Education March in Lugo

Meanwhile billionaires like Paul Jones and John Paulson built vacation homes there, and teacher payrolls drop 30%. That was before Hurricane Irma, Jose and Maria.

St. Regis Bahia Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Paulson bought it in 2013.

Tax crooks living it up on public dollars created a larger gap in poverty.

Schools are tragically under-staffed without many supplies. 4½ million Yemeni children cannot go to school because of U.S. imperialism.

2,000 centers were destroyed.

Syria similarly is missing out $10 billion on their children's education.

Children attending class in wartime

CEO executives play philanthropist, so the ties between their big business and failed learning isn't clear.

We need to revisit teachings from people who understand relevant spiritual ideology. These are the educators for the next generation.

U.S. Coups

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