Plutocrats behind this society's collapse, all present in one historic room.

Kali asks frequently: who are the real gangsters?

We should also be asking what their interests and prior work experience are. Corporate crime bosses suggest deregulation and laws that draw attention to their old schemes.


ProPublica released a list of 349 officials' financial disclosures in the Trump Administration. These have been a smoking gun for many "gangsta" officials who use the revolving door.

26 have received ethics waivers to keep up their past business ties, and many more still don't follow the law. Check the mugshots below.


Kellyanne Conway at mega-billionaire Trump donor Robert Mercer's party

Mrs. Conway is a senior advisor and pollster. She also has no clue what conflict of interest, or public duty are. The presidential counselor has provided Trump's administration with many mess-ups in her short service.

Conway got embarrassing flack for promoting Ivanka Trump's brand on-air. She called the president's daughter "a champion for women empowerment".


Ivanka is official advisor to her father, President Trump, and retains ownership interest in Team Ivanka (Washington Post). She divulged "I don't intend to work for the government" (Time) in October.

She and Jared Kushner clearly operate under business terms.

Ivanka's brand uses harsh exploitation in China. Workers earn $62 a week if you calculate 60-hour schedules. This report came from 20-year-old NYC nonprofit China Labor Watch.

Three CLW activists were detained after investigating Huajian factories: Hua Haifeng, Su Heng, and Li Zhao. Two still haven't been contacted successfully, so it might not be coincidental.

Huajian Group owns factories across southern China. Annually, they make 10,000 to 20,000 shoes for Ivanka's brand (AP).

Even the DNC has issued statements about the trio's sketchy disappearance. Deputy communications director Adrienne Watson wasn't coy.

"For years, Ivanka Trump has ignored public reports of awful labor conditions at a factory that makes her shoes. Now, she must decide whether she can ignore the Chinese government’s apparent attempt to silence an investigation." (The Hill)

Is Trump "a tremendous champion of supporting families"? Don't think so. His values are so vengeful that millions could die, and mental health is under attack.

But Ivanka's hypocrisy earned her a trip to China! (x)

Kellyanne double-dips herself. Rep. Elijah Cummings works on the House Oversight and Reform committee. He sent a letter to Conway's The Polling Company. She was listed as their Director, even after inauguration (x).

A cursed 1998 image. You are now in the political Twilight Zone.

Conway has approximately $1 to $5 million's ownership value in The Polling Company. She still can contact clients on "broad policy" there (NPR).

Kirk Marshall was a Deloitte senior consultantt at a consulting firm that aided the credit crash! Marshall's the director of Human Capital for Trump currently...

Deloitte paid $11 million in false claims lawsuits before.

They green-lit TBW (Taylor, Bean and Whitaker Mortage), who were in the top bank frauds-shy of $3 million. Schools get ripped off $30 million for unusable hardware. Deloitte wanted $84 million.

Real gangsters work at consulting firms that almost bankrupt schools and collapse regional banks. The less competition, the more money. Who else benefits off of billing education systems nearly $100 million?

James Burnham's White House Senior Associate Counsel.


Anthony Scaramucci addressed President Trump's disturbing behavior publicly in 2015...before taking the Communications Director job 2017! Let's see what he said on video.

He further cemented the point in a 2016 FoxBusiness op-ed, "The Bankruptcy and Restructuring of the Republican Party".

"The party faces either devastating defeat in the general election or a new, unrecognizable identity. We are in the midst of an ideological Civil War, one pitting American values of hope, empowerment and self-reliance against defeatist attitudes of fear, entitlement and victimization.

Democracy is a device that ensures the people shall be governed no better than they deserve. I know America deserves better."

Sean Spicer quit when things turned completely around, and Scaramucci continued his old job with a new script-the exact opposite.

Scaramucci's deleted the anti-Trump tweets too. When Jake Tapper confronted his wish-washy politics, he wasn't honest.

"So if I'm for something and then I'm against something, then, all of a sudden, I'm a hypocrite." (CNN interview) Money talks.


Bradley Byers worked for ATI, who may lie about monopolizing metal-making patents and their anti-environmental practices. Four groups have opposed Allegheny Technologies' extreme air pollution since it's broken laws for 15 years (TribLive).

Clean Air Council, Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), Penn-Environment and Environmental Integrity Project stood their ground to protect the Pittsburgh area.

"We've all been breathing their illegal emissions." And that's from GASP executive director.

Byers switched from the corporate resource world to politics. Keep an eye on him as senior advisor.

Sally Donnelly spent a year as a Defense Business Board advisor. She uses the military's revolving government door. Her resume includes Jorge Scientific/Imperatis, and SBD Advisors. They're a few of America's most nefarious contractors.

Jorge-Scientific never had good company protocol. It defrauded Department of Defense $47 million for Afghanistan's counterinsurgency Legacy Project (Law360). Employees got intoxicated on the clock (ABC).

Managers allowed gross misconduct by disregarding the contract requirements. Their reckless exploits range from paid Thailand sex tourist trips to drunk-driving convoys (x).

$135 million vanished, and U.S. government realized that their defense policy is offensive. Imperatis defaulted on their contract.

Think they'll get away with it?

Now the war-minded Senior Advisor will make similar decisions as an communicant to the Secretary of Defense.

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill wanted answers. She and Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) contacted the Office of Personnel Management for them.

"Although OPM may not have been aware of Imperatis’ history before awarding the contract, the agency was on notice that the company had a history of mismanagement...

Rightfully pissed-off Sen. McCaskill

Nevertheless, it appears that OPM failed to discover the company’s financial problems before the company informed the government on May 6, 2016." (Senate)

James 'Mad Dog' Mattis is the current Secretary, a warhound who prizes conflict over solution.

Other military members can't say much else either. Evidently, the former major general shaped U.S. offensives in a horrific way.

"He has changed the Op Order from 'capture or kill' the enemy to 'kill or capture.' He wants the emphasis on 'kill." (The Atlantic)

General Dynamics, Hoover Institution and Theranos all have shadowy backstories. So, not a comforting notion good ol' Secretary of Defense Mattis worked at each.

The Justice Department indicted General Dynamics in the '80's. Hoover Institution thought it was smart to make Iraq War hawk Donald Rumsfeld a distinguished fellow. Theranos is a fake biotech company valued at $9 billion with $0 worth.

As Secretary of Defense, James Mattis can deploy troops to any front on Earth. He could use government funds for billion-dollar weapons. Once a defense contractor, always.


April 26. National Economic Council director Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin brief on Trump tax reform.

The chief economic advisor (Cohn) assured the audience that "we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do something really big." (x)

Cohn was Goldman Sachs President where money kept flowing in obscene amounts.

He left Sachs for Trump's campaign with $285 million. That's just the accounted-for number.

Moving onto Shahira Knight, Special Assistant for Tax and Retirement in the NEC. She is a former (part-time lobbyist who was the House's Ways and Means advisor from 1996-2006.

2001 and 2003's Bush tax cuts were partially her idea (Harvard Law).

Her last position: Fidelity Investments VP, which settled a $1 million lawsuit last Nicole Kali remembered.

She is a major player in the tax reboot (New York Times). It only took five days to create America's most makeshift budget plan (Bloomberg).

"We kind of view tax reform completely through a job lens." Really? The opportunities don't add up. Employment is rising and social services consistently lack funding.

Shahira Knight's waiver applies to Health Savings Accounts, retirement legislation, regulation and taxes plus general reform.

Maybe I need to scare some sense into the money-schemers.

Andrew Olmem has the same title but for Financial Policy. Venable was his last job, a company caught for investor fraud: $11.25 million total (FBI).

Melvin Watts is Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. He watched a tidal wave of foreclosure as fellow agency high-rollers had raises in the millions (McClatchy).

It's not like many Congress members knew what to do about the 2013 fiscal cliff, but that was a career-killing move.

Tim Mayopoulos

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financed mortgage throughout the crash. So why give their executives set incomes of $750,000 to $2.1 million a pop–beyond six times their salary on taxpayers' dime?

"That’s not irresponsible especially when you consider what’s at stake if we lose these people." Meanwhile Americans live on the streets, thanks to predatory Fannie and Freddie.


Michael Catanzaro is Special Assistant for Domestic Energy and Environmental Policy. He also might contend for #1 economic hypocrite. See the writing on the wall.

Catanzaro lobbied for all the worst energy offenders as a CGCN employee: AFPM, Devon, Hess and notorious Keystone XL owner TransCanada (BNA). Learn more here.

He can work on the Clean Air Act, Clean Power Plan, methane regulations, even the Renewable Fuel Standard!

"The Administration has an interest in you working on covered matters due to your experience and expertise on these issues." (WH link) Just like that, climate justice's written from law.

Bill Cooper heads the House Natural Resources Committee after a 30-year run as an energy industry pawn. The former LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) President never has good plans in mind.

Cooper is responsible for tying the Halliburton loophole into 2005's Energy Policy Act.

Nicole Daigle may be the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee director as of 2017. However, she was the IPAA public affairs director and lobbyist for six years too (x).

Independent Petroleum Association of America, Energy In Depth's parents

Energy In Depth is a pro-fracking group with disturbing plans for the ecological future.

Contradictory messages from the establishment

Holly Greaves worked as KPMG's senior manager at the housing crisis' start.

If you know accounting, the tax auditing firm had a $450 million criminal case in total.

Phony tax losses generated $11 billion, but robbed the U.S. $2.5 billion. Four super-rich tax havens were involved.

James Richard Perry is former Texas Governor, and Department of Energy Secretary in Trump's administration now. It symbolizes incredible misjudgment that Rick Perry is White House material.

He endorses Roe v. Wade repeal, and has two felony corruption charges from withholding $7.5 million for a public integrity unit (Rewire). Where is the logic?


Layne Bangerter is Senior Advisor to EPA. His company RioB is a Big Ag beneficiary that brings in $265,000 from farming. Conflict of interest?

Patrick Davis is Special Assistant to the EPA Administrator's Office. He even defrauds fellow Republicans! Mike Huckabee condemned Davis' incompetence in 2008 (ProPublica)

You got it. Patrick Davis not only messed up previous campaign, he transitioned into the White House with no problem. 2014 midterm elections were a record year for this "Special Assistant".

Does he look like he knows what's happening? Get real.

Colorado is a key swing state in any election. Davis based his crooked dealings out of Colorado Springs, then set up shell companies and funds. $3 million funneled from Vote2ReduceDebt to those.

The PAC Person to Person received $410,000. Since they listed their income as a contribution and not a service, no strings attached to the money. Another co-owned firm got $115,000.

Amanda Gunesakara is Senior Advisor to the EPA Air and Radiation Administrator; she's been a Congressional employee since 2011.

She worked under James Inhofe as a fellow climate denier. You remember him?

Fun fact: Amanda's the one who threw him that.

Gunesakara also lobbied for the National Association of Chemical Distributors as their senior advisor in 2014. Gunesakara strangely doesn't have a problem with conflicting interest, no oversight or climate policy.

"Consequences to the country for reversing climate policies will be removing regulatory barriers to economic growth. And that will be a good thing." (x)

Suzanne Matwyshen-Gillen advocated against greenhouse gas policies and the Toxic Substances Control Act at APFM.

Now she is on Senate's Science and Competitiveness Subcommittee, although APFM asked the EPA to lower their biofuel requirements in the past! (x)

Let's examine Scott Pruitt, who advised Trump's disastrous Paris accord move.

He has stocks in the $41 billion Templeton Global Fund. Its CEO Michael Hasenstab outranks all the other vulture fund managers.

Templeton has huge holdings of Argentine, Brazilian, Colombian, and Mexican debt. Hasenstab bet against the Eurozone's demise too. His is a "hedge against populism".

"The immediate implication is fiscal loosening—you start spending to try to buy votes." (FT)

Pruitt recently resigned from the Rule of Law Defense Fund, which gets Koch brothers' funding.

Priutt ran for attorney general in 2010 and 2014. Both times, the Kochs donated $10,000 to his cause (x).

Wonder what's so funny.


Lance Leggitt was Virginia's assistant attorney general from 1994 to 1998 (Law360). He worked for Baker-Donelson, a Southern law firm, six years (1997-2003) before working for Bush.

Baker-Donelson brushed with fraud in a few industries, including printing in 1999. Baker-Donelson also owns shell companies aiming for patent monopolization (Jackson-Walker).

One Alabama casino went south, when the firm never investigated if electronic bingo was even legal there. That casino was repeatedly threatened.

Country Crossing shut down in 2010, opened again as Center Stage Alabama the following year. They filed for bankruptcy in 2012 with $70 million in debt (BizJournal)

Baker-Donelson shut it down immediately.

In March 2017, Mississippi rehabilitation service Summit Health sued Baker-Donelson for $1 million (Legal Newsline). This is the incompetence we get in good old Lance Leggitt and his former firm pals.

Main headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Now that Leggitt's chief of staff there, he threatens employees with memos.

"[A]ny communications with Members of Congress and staff should not occur without prior consultation with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Legislation.

Your cooperation will help us avoid unnecessary problems in our relationships with Congress." (White House)

Department staff can't list HHS grievances without possibly being fired. It makes sense when Leggitt received $400,000 to lobby against Medicare (KHN).

This overrules a clear and well-protected 1st Amendment right to communicate directly with Congress. The 1912 Lloyd-Lafollette Act applies to federal employees.

HHS Director Tom Price might be the Trump administration's nastiest. "Don't dictate to us from Washington, D.C." (ABC)

 Tom Price hasn't given an illusion that his political decisions are not money-motivated, or malevolent.

PNS reporter Dan Heyman was charged with "willful disruption of governmental processes" for pressing Price on Trumpcare. We are truly in totalitarian-type times.

Heyman and police in West Virginia's Capitol building. That is a real event.

"This is my job...I'm supposed to go in and find out how someone is going to be affected by this law. I think it's a question that deserves to be answered."

Price invested on drug companies when the health bill faltered in Congress. He has stock in Woodbranch Investments, a private real estate developer front that really exists for political donors.

His Woodbranch co-investor Jed Manocherian gave $100,600 to Team Ryan.

Yes, this one. "I got $15,662,769 in the last election cycle! Where's the rest?"

Manocherian also politically contributed $1.1 million in 2016 to his preferred candidate. Let's guess Tom Price has Woodbranch stocks for that too.

Seema Verma doesn't want to represent all women, just the able-bodied and rich. She thinks maternity coverage should be optional. Michigan Senator Stabenow didn't.

Ms. Verma is Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator. She previously teamed with Pence as Indiana's cruel health plan architect.

Her Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 scrapped standard Medicaid protections for premium-oriented coverage. It forced enrollees to fund HSA's and trade pay for their health. Consider HIP the old Trumpcare.

Verma's consulting firm had a heavy hand in state-to-state health decisions, from Kentucky's work requirements to Ohio's low-income bar (The Guardian). Indiana has a six-month lock out period for the poor if they can't afford the minimum. No exceptions.

The Obamacare repeals excite her. She doesn't think of death, just business.

March 22nd: "I’m very excited about the American Health Care Act. I think this is an opportunity for us to finally get rid of Obamacare and move towards a system that’s going to drive costs down, give Americans more choices, and put patients and doctors in control of their healthcare."

YEAH, RIGHT. Think of how much karmic responsibility you'd have, to deny responsibility as a master of death. Damage rises worldwide.

Nicole Kali thinks it's time to expose the bullshit lies in the Cabinet.

Civilizations built on hypocrisy usually end in disaster. It can be averted with the right guidance. Wealth will no longer be the decisive factor in justice.

True values take hold and remove systemic sickness as it threatens the planet. What is the ruling order now?

 Nature. Nicole Kali will restore it to glory.

G.O.P. Health Care Cruelty

Struggle To Survive