Climate carnage looms as madhouse right-wing "masters" of U.S. politics guide the world toward disaster.

 Unstable leaders' negative decisions generate chaos, and Earth's destabilizing environment (Global Environmental Crisis).

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria are all premonitions of worse weather with these good ol' faithful Republicans.

Their houses flooded, washed away like the pretense. Nature reveals the truth. It can be sinister.

It will show who needs help most, the evil karma racked up from greed and false religion.

Nicole Kali raises nature's power and restores order, but a chaotic storm is approaching.

31% EPA budget cuts are a guaranteed path to contaminated air, food and water.

The United States is Earth's highest climate offender.

Careless corporatocrats are responsible for the private sectors producing emissions.

Emissions that caused record-breaking, simultaneous floods worldwide in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Niger, Texas.

Fatal storm winds rage on and destroy indigenous lands.

The over-zealous got their wish, but it turned into a nightmare.

They cannot take away my natural power. I am a goddess alive with energy.

This nightmare could be the death knell for the future if not corrected.

How many failed tries will it take to protect innocent lives?

Corporate interests want to trump and override physical health.

Agencies would be pressured to launch domestic energy projects without restriction even on federal land.

We are looking at millions of Flints if the rising sea levels continue. Resource extraction and pollution have already caused uncalculated devastation.

Coastal erosion threaten most continents. Fluctuating weather patterns now drive migration as much as civil war.

A landless life can be a reality for millions. Conflict over eco-safety just makes survival near-impossible.

Western polities like the U.S., England, France and other colonial powers avoid blame for the present.

However, their role should be highlighted. Is this the Manifest Destiny they prayed for?

Imperial rule still casts a shadow over the world. Puerto Rico's debt is a hangover from those unforgiving times. So are the disasters past, and to come.

South Asia paid for its independence movements with the Green Revolution that hurt their regional climate.

Indigenous people and poor communities face the highest risks.

It is the economic hypocrites and real gangster killers who disregard all life, turn everything into profit...

But their profit equals ruin. What's the cost?

This consumption symbolizes the sick, unnatural values of those "in charge"!

I predate men's nasty plans to kill Gaia and her living creatures.

They can pretend power is in their hands. True strength and foresight is mine.

And I see desperate times and drastic measures ahead.

Tides of turmoil are rushing in. Be as a tree and plant yourselfyour rootsdeeply.

Change is coming. It will be a scary time.

Stand with Nicole Kali to weather dark storms for a brighter tomorrow. Turn the revolutionary tides.

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