"Revolutionary is inevitable."

Prolific rapper Akala (Kingslee James Daley) has never missed a beat, one of hip-hop's sharpest social critics. His sound? Radical. His aim? Destroy capitalism and imperialism through lyrical heavyweights.

Akala solely releases content through his own label, infusing it with incredibly detailed philosophy. He thinks outside of the box and most importantly: AHEAD.

"Before Europeans set up in East Africa and elsewhere?

There was a semi-global system of trade between India, the so-called Middle East, Africa and China–with the Chinese admiral Zheng He coming to Africa in 1415. That system is reemerging."

Akala follows in the footsteps of leaders like Nkrumah, Fred Hampton and Malcolm X.


The rapper collaborated with Tokio Aoyama on a graphic novel about imperialism's demise. The Ruins of Empire is an alternative-historical glimpse into past civilization.

"Guided by the wise oversights of The Genius, a divine feminine spirit or ancestor, The Knowledge Seeker is catapulted into different historical moments.

The rise of greed, the pervasiveness of poverty, hopelessness and destruction of war, the dismissive obliteration of our natural world, the atrocities of slavery and the birth of capitalism." (Soul Heights)

The Grenfell Tower tragedy is a terribly preventable loss of life, spawned from classist warfare. Akala agreed in a heated interview June 15, 2017.

"It was an eyesore for the rich people, so they put paneling-pretty paneling on the outside so the rich people opposite wouldn't have to look at a horrendous block."


Rapper-poet Akala: ‘Slavery was foundation of European capitalism’ (RT, 08-14-15)