The shadows of a coming storm are lengthening over America and the world at large.

VIDEO (feat. Kreator, 'Coma of Souls') (Transcript):

When you examine current political and social events, you can see malevolence and violence...

because that curtain is falling around the political elite who are driving things into

chaos, who are forcing the gaps to grow larger with every day and every act that they

try to get passed through the House or the Senate.

Who are the real gangsters?

It's the five to ten people who make as much or have as much

wealth as the bottom 90% of Americans (Washington Post).

 Labor unions, they've been a critical part of fighting this system,

the continuation of a racially based slavery

system (Liberal Imperialism) that has now translated to the general population.

We are no longer the world's biggest creditor, we're the world's biggest debtor (report).

When you look at the budgets that Trump's administration is coming out with,

the wealthy ruling elite have lost control.

And they no longer care to keep up the pretenses: at any cost,

this system will continue and at any cost, the people will be

used to prop up this dying system!

This is unheard of and never seen before in our time.

When you have a society that's obsessed with runaway war, runaway debt,

runaway environmental⁠—the storm that's been blowing across our planet comes back.

And now America is dealing with the violence that it's taken and exported elsewhere.

People are getting so angry and fed-up with a lack of response to what

they're going through because as much as politicans say they care...

where is the care shown? And no one's giving THEM a retroactive tax benefit, the people in the lower classes.

There's only so many distractions you can put up.

Plutocratic destruction happened at Grenfell Tower when

the rich decided they didn't want to look across the street and see poverty,

that they caused⁠—to see the disparity between the rich and poor so they put cladding up.

That cladding caught on fire. And that inferno sums up our world today.

You can try to pretty up as much as you want, the chaos and the violence of

the ruling elite, the ones who twist your arm behind your

back and ask you with your other hand, to give them money.

I see that that era is ending. The progressive movement's on the ground. We are all in this together.

If we're going to weather the storm, then we must plant ourselves.

And we must be ready.