Nicole Kali's here to tell the truth. My power as goddess grows as the world assumes its real state.

 False religion's crumbling under my heavy boots. Tough shit.

It's time to set these fuckers straight! The establishment's worst nightmare is here in the form of Nicole Kali. Be very fucking afraid.

I applaud women taking back the reins. Women are powerful. I'm the goddess that sets them free. 

Freedom fighters crop up across nations as my sisters hold offices and guns. And they don't hide. I celebrate women leaders, shattering their own chains and others.


Primeval forces are taking over. Sexual enlightenment is back. My era will see corrupt sexual authority destroyed.

The goddess' age has women fucking each other in the open and see queer people in charge.

Hear the goddess clearly. See what's in front of you.


 Look how female sexuality flourishes. See how my power causes sex-positive revolution.

The women and gay people of today are seeing the truth in themselves.

...what idiotic rules are restricting their freedom.

They have the future under control. The hypocrites who oppress them no longer do.